Advantages of Online Doctor Services

Güven Online Doctor Services

What are the advantages of Online Doctor Services during the coronavirus pandemic?

During this time, where we are trying to stay home and keep our social distance, online services have a bigger role in staying healthy.

While our jobs, schools, and shopping have become online, as Güven Hospital we brought health into the online world.

Online health services, which have been in the main agenda for a long time, have gained critical importance than ever during this stressful quarantine and isolation period. Although online visits are not the answer to every medical condition, you might be surprised to see that you can be effectively treated within the comfort of your own home.

Genco Çetinkanat, MD says that "Online visits help us to safely and effectively evaluate the medical problems our patients have."

Have you never used our Online Doctor services? Çetinkanat, MD shares the details and what you should expect:

Under which conditions an online visit is applicable?

Almost every disease can be treated with online visits.


Cold and flu,

Pain and ache,

Small injuries,

Eye redness,

Throat infections,

Even uncomplicated urinary tract infections, these are a couple of problems we can solve during online visits.

Moreover, our specialists can also help you with matters such as stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic or weight gain due to a disrupted diet.

In conditions, where you need advanced treatment or tests, our home care services are at your disposal.

What should you expect from an online doctor appointment?

During the online consultation, your doctor will ask you about your complaints and disease course. S/he might perform a visual examination and observe rashes and other physical changes. Sometimes s/he might request you to come in for a face-to-face appointment or get an appointment from home care services. S/he might also direct you to get some tests or imaging procedures performed. However, in most cases, your complaint will be resolved during an online consultation.

Chronic disease management with online consultation!

If you are suffering from a chronic disease such as hypertension, a heart condition, diabetes, etc. online doctor services are very convenient for you. During this process, correctly sharing your regularly recorded data with your doctor and following her/his instructions would be enough.

How can I start my online consultation?

You can plan your online consultation by booking an appointment via the related website of Güven Hospital. You can start your consultation through the link that will be sent to your phone. Before your consultation, taking notes about your complaints will help you. Also, we would recommend having a pen and paper with you during the consultation to write down your doctor's recommendations.