Breast Diseases

Breast Center of the Güven Hospital is the member of breast centers network which is one of the European Oncology School Projects.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women and the most important factor affecting the success of the treatment is early diagnosis. For this purpose, healthcare facilities are established all around the world, where specialized surgeons and radiologists work together and modern imaging devices are used. Breast Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the Güven Hospital has been established with that goal. Digital mammography and a modern ultrasound machine are used at this center, where specialists work together. Prepared for the assessment and physical examination the patient undergoes a breast examination, and then, necessary imaging studies are done, and thus, diagnostic procedures are completed in a single session.

Operating Principles of Breast Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center

Breast cancer screening (regular follow-ups for women without complaints) 

Identifying high risk patients for breast cancer, follow-up and discussing risk reducing treatments 

Differential diagnosis for breast lumps

Evaluating breast masses and lesions with the most suitable biopsy methods (needle biopsy, wire marking and radio guided occult lesion localization ROLL).

Discussing the most suitable treatment approach in breast cancer with the patient - Informing patient about modern surgical approaches and their applicability (breast sparing surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy techniques, and breast reconstruction and oncoplastic breast surgery, which implies creating a new breast tissue when total mastectomy is done)

Following u the breast cancer patient and providing supportive treatments for problems such as lymphedema etc., during follow-up