Can coronavirus be easily transmitted?

Is it easy to get infected by the coronavirus that causes COVID-19?

Unfortunately, the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, can easily and quickly be transmitted.

The study, which focused on the virus spread occurred in the Diamond Princess cruise ship, showed that an infected individual causes approximately 2,28 cases. This transmission rate is slower than measles (12 to 18 cases) but faster than the seasonal flue (0.9 to 2.1 cases).

One of the important points this study has shown is the fact that the virus can spread even before the infected individual shows symptoms.

The virus can easily spread through oral or nasal droplets and infect another individual upon contact with their mouth, nose, and eyes.

Since this disease can be transmitted through any droplets that landed on any surface, you should regularly wash your hands and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

According to the properties of the surface it landed on, the virus can stay active for various time periods, therefore, regularly touched surfaces should be cleaned with antiviral solutions every 24 hours.