Influencing the entire world, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause physical, mental, and emotional damages to both survivors of the disease and others who have not caught it. In this period that points up the fact that health is the most significant value in our life, Güven Health Group helps you, as we had always done, with “Güven COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Program” that are created in a personalized manner with a multidisciplinary approach.


What is “Güven COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Program”?


In our rehabilitation program designed for survivors of the disease, we aim to restore psychological, physical, and mental balance by eliminating short- and long-term effects of the disease under the supervision of our council of pulmonary medicine physician, neurologist, cardiologist, internist, physiotherapist, psychologists and nutrition and diet experts.     On the other hand, our functional medicine and healthy life support programs created for people, who have not caught the disease, aim to maintain their healthy condition and improve their immune systems.


Why should I benefit from “Güven COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Program”?


The scientific studies conducted during the pandemic for longer than one year reveal that mild to moderate side effects persist in survivors of the disease in the short and long term. Most people, who did not experience a serious adverse effect during the active disease, do not know whether the disease has already caused an irreversible effect on their health. However, according to one of the most recent scientific studies conducted on this subject, the people who survive the COVID-19 infection with mild symptoms are at risk of chronic organ failure and even death within 6 months by 59 percent.


Attending the rehabilitation programs that are specifically created for people with persistent complaints, including but not limited to shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, palpitation, headache, tiredness, fatigue, joint pain, sleeplessness and impaired memory and concentration following the disease is crucial to avoid more serious health problems in the future. In addition to those advantages, support is also required for eliminating the psychological injuries and the anxiety that occurs during the disease.


“Güven COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Program” can also be benefited by the people who have not caught the disease, but wish to maintain and upgrade their wellbeing.


Which “Güven COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Program” is the best option for me?


  • If you are a COVID-19 survivor but the long-term effects of the disease persist,

  • If you are a COVID-19 survivor and you do not have serious complaints, but you want to take measures for potential risks,

  • If you are not infected by COVID-19, but you want to improve your immune system and seek psychological support,


Content of the best “Güven COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Program” for you will be determined according to your personal needs in all of above mentioned three conditions.


Our programs are as follows;


  • COVID-19 Check-up Package

  • COVID-19 Check-up Healthy Intestine Package (Microbiota)

  • COVID-19 Check-up Cell Regeneration Program Package (Functional Medicine)


For further and detailed information, questions, and support in all health matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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