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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

We, Nuclear Medicine Department of the Ankara Güven Hospital, adopted the principle to provide accessible healthcare service. 

We are conducting all nuclear medicine diagnostic and treatment practices using current technology with the most appropriate technique. Two double-headed gamma cameras, one reserved for cardaic procedures, are serving our patients. 

Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid Cancer

Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules is routinely carried out in our department. Baseline treatment is surgery for thyroid cancers, which are diagnosed in the light of biopsy. Cervical mapping is useful for determining the extent of the surgery. In a significant portion of thyroid cancers, radioactive iodine therapy is necessary in postoperative period.

Surgical Gamma Probe Applications and Interventional Procedures What is Gamma Probe?

Gamma probe is a radiation detector, which allows tracking small amount of radioactivity with a pen-shaped and with the help of a small reader unit the probe is connected. For tissues which can absorb and fix radioactive substance or which can be injected small amount of radioactive material, it is an easy procedure to detect them with the probe in a short time.