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Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet

Medical Dietary Services Department of Ankara Güven Hospital offers nutrition and diet counseling ranging from medical nutritional therapy in diseases to healthy eating in childhood, adulthood, pregnancy, infancy and geriatric age and increases your quality of life by teaching the scientific means to stay fit through healthy diet and exercise.

You need to know and duly apply all details of sufficient and balanced eating at all ages of the life, if you want to have a healthy and fit life. Here, dieticians of Ankara Güven Hospital enable you live a healthy and quality life through access to scientific, up-to-date and exact information.

The medical diet services department prepares custom diet plans for every individual, while it tries to teach outpatients how to adopt and maintain an adequate, well-balanced and healthy diet, supported by behavioral changes that will help solve existing problems and thus improve the patients’ life quality. At their first examination in our weight control center, patients are first subjected to an in-depth review of their dietary habits, followed by a body analysis in which we measure the individual’s body fat, muscle and water percentage and determine the body’s metabolic rate. Based on these data along with the individual’s age, gender, physical activity and blood count findings, a custom diet plan is then developed. The patients are followed up at regular intervals to keep track of results. Along with the foregoing, we also prepare custom diet plans, give group trainings and follow up the patients in collaboration with other departments, i.e., the pediatric diet services for nutrition in infancy and childhood, food allergies, nutrition in pregnancy and lactation, the endocrine diet services for diabetes and hormonal disorders, and with the nephrology diet services for all kidney diseases (acute and chronic kidney insufficiency etc. ...).

Offering consultancy services on all the foregoing and much more, our outpatient clinic is at your disposal to assist you on your journey to a healthy life with most accurate, up-to-date and scientific information and materials.