Discharge Procedures

When your doctor has approved your discharge, please follow the instructions of the registered nurse.

Discharge Procedures

Your nurse will let you know when you will be discharged and an approximate time. We offer these helpful tips so that you know what to expect and also some questions you might want to ask your care providers before you leave.

Ask Questions 

Be sure to ask questions about your follow-up care. It may be helpful to have someone, like a relative or friend, stay with you during your discharge to help you remember or write things down and to ask questions you might not thing of.

Test Results 

Make sure you get the results of all tests and procedures. Ask the doctor or nurse when and how you will get them. Don't assume the results are okay. If you don't hear anything, call the doctor and ask questions.

Home-going Instructions 

At the time of discharge, your nurse will review written home-going instructions with you. It is very important that you ask any questions you have. You will be asked to sign your discharge instructions and will receive a copy to take home. Be sure you see your physician for follow-up care.

Medications at Discharge

Before you go home from the hospital, these are some things you can do to be sure you know how to take any new medications properly.

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