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Name Surname: GÖKHAN YAĞCI

Güven Hospital

Department: General Surgery

2. Department: Obesity and Metabolic Surgery

Academic Title: Professor

Title: Professor

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Name    :    Gokhan YAGCI, M.D.
Present Title and Affiliation:    Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Özel Ankara Güven Hospital, Ankara, TURKEY
Date of Birth    : February 8, 1965
Place of Birth    : Siirt, Turkey
Citizenship    : Republic of Turkey
Marital Status    : Married, Wife: Aysun YAGCI, RN.
Languages    : Turkish, English
E-mail    : gyagci@hotmail.com, dr.gokhan.yagci@guven.com.tr
Phone    : + 90 312 4572365
Phone (GSM)    : + 90 532 344 57 67



1983-1989    Gulhane Military Medical School
1989-1990    Internship, Gulhane Military Medical Academy 1992-1996    Residency, Surgery, Gulhane School of Medicine
1999-2000    Honorary Research Fellow, University of Madison Wisconsin, Division of Transplantation, Transplant Immunology.
2001-2006    Faculty, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Gulhane School of Medicine
2005-2006    Honorary    Fellow,    University    of    Madison    Wisconsin,    Division    of Transplantation
2006-2012    Faculty, Associate Professor of Surgery, Gulhane School of Medicine 2012-2015    Faculty, Professor of Surgery, Gulhane School of Medicine

2010    Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Course, Strasburg-France
2012    ASAN Medical Center, South Korea, Living Donor Liver Transplantation Program


1989-1990    Internship, Gulhane Military Medical Academy
1990-1992    Physician, 13th Mechanized Infantry Regiment, Seymen, Turkey 1996-1998    General Surgeon, Mobile Surgical Hospital, Hakkari, Turkey
1998-2001    General Surgeon, 600 Beds Mevki Military Hospital, Ankara, Turkey 1999    Brigade Surgeon, Stabilization Forces, NATO, Bosnia-Herzegovina
2001-2015    Gülhane Military Medical Academy
2015-    Özel Ankara Güven Hospital

Private Practice Experience

2009-2011    Özel Magnet Medical Center
2011- 2013    Özel Çağ Hospital
2013-2015    Özel İnternational Medicana Ankara Hospital
2015-    Özel Ankara Güven Hospital

Private Practice Experience for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery

I have been involved in Obesity and Metabolic Surgery since 2011. Mainly in private practice. I have done over 2500 sleeve gastrectomy’s and more than 900 gastric bypass and metabolic surgery procedures with a total of over 3400 Obesity and Metabolic Surgery operations.


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2.    Effects of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on rat kidney transplants with delayed cold ischemia.2004
3.    Sentinel lymph node mapping in colorectal cancer. 2004


Liver and Kidney Transplantation Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery İntestinal Transplantation Gastrointestinal Oncologic Surgery Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery
Morbid Obesity and Laparoscopic Gastroesophageal Reflux Surgery Anorectal Surgery


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