Cancer Center of Güven Health Group

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Cancer Center of Güven Health Group


Why You Should Prefer Cancer Center of Güven Health Group? 

Cancer Center of Güven Health Group offers thorough cancer care based on internationally acknowledged practices, last-generation technologies and multidisciplinary approach and provides most effective techniques to improve quality of life.

Serving thousands of patients per year by physicians, nurses and support staff and leading various clinical trials, Güven Health Group ensures collaboration of physicians who deal with different managements of cancers. Being one the best hospitals of the country, Güven Health Group provides thousands of cancer patients with a means to hold on to the life every year.

In our Cancer Center, treatments are planned in the light of most recent advancements in anti-cancer therapies and moreover, a series of support programs are available for patients to cope with difficulties. Multidisciplinary approach involves surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, nurses and all support staff and allows personalized treatment for each patient. This collaboration enables various physicians deliver the care immediately that is needed between planned appointments.

A New Era in Radiation Oncology, Truebeam STx

TrueBeam STx is a groundbreaking technology in anti-cancer treatment and can be used for all tumors. TrueBeam STx allows both radiotherapy and radiosurgery and it offers more advanced treatment options relative to Gamma Knife and CyberKnife.

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