Changing Energy Levels Due To Old Age

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Changing Energy Levels Due To Old Age


Getting old is a natural part of life. Whatever the youth or the cultural change that is obsessed with looking young may indicate, old age is not necessarily an era during which our liveliness decreases, or illnesses increase.

Of course, preserving our energy level and health is related to our lifestyle. Would you like to know how we can preserve our energy as we get older?

What you eat affects your health

Fresh and unprocessed foods will keep you healthy, and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will help you to preserve your energy.

The geriatrics department of Güven Hospitals warns us by saying “packaged processed food might make you feel more tired and fatigued”.

Since the digestion of animal products (especially red meat) take a longer time, it will consume your energy more and tire you. Which is why a more balanced diet is beneficial for you.

Getting your vitamin D levels regularly checked

Vitamin D, which we most abundantly receive from the sun (thanks to our skin the UV rays are turned into vitamin D), has a significant effect on our mood and energy.

The bad news is that the older we get, the harder it is for our skin to turn the sunlight into vitamin D.

Under the supervision of our Geriatrics department, it is possible to maintain deficiency with regular vitamin D monitorization and with nutritional supplements and medication, if needed.

Rejuvenate with Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, which is naturally present in animal products, has a key role in our energy.

Lifelong Movement

If possible, going for a walk as the sun rises and repeating this activity during the day will help you preserve your health and energy levels.

These walks you have during the day and starting your day early will also improve your life rhythm and positively affect your sleep.

Getting your routine medication regularly checked

As well as their benefits, all medication can have side effects. Routinely used medication needs to be regularly checked by your doctor, and the dosage and usage frequency need to be monitored. In the Güven Geriatrics outpatient clinic, our physicians will help you and, if needed, will re-plan your treatment.

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