General Recommendations for Parents Whose Children will Undergo Surgery

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General Recommendations for Parents Whose Children will Undergo Surgery

Information and preparation help reduce your and their stress.


The fact that your child needs to undergo an operation may worry you. This is quite normal. Information and preparation process can be a key factor to overcome this issue.

Brave it out first

Upcoming surgery for your child is a source of stress for you. However, keep in your mind that children perceive your mood. When you are stressful, this will reflect badly on them and they will have difficulty overcoming this issue. Thus, it is important to be fortitude and make best effort for this purpose.

The best thing to reduce your anxiety is getting information on this issue. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor for your questions regarding operation that your child receives, anesthesia and his/her recovery process.

Talk to your child in a calm and silent environment.

Tell your child with simple words that he/she needs to go to hospital. Explain the reason why this procedure is required and specify procedure date.

Encourage your child to ask questions and share his/her feelings. This will help your child get rid of confusion.

Choose your words carefully

Be careful about your speech when talking about anesthesia and surgery. Children tend to interpret things based on their limited life experience. Therefore, you should use a softer language when making explanation.

Allow children to behave as children

Hugs, laughs and especially games are highly important for children who will undergo surgery. In the preoperative period, you can use dolls or plush toys to mention about surgery and you can get support from your doctor for this purpose.

Make your child feel at home

Allow your child bring his/her favorite toys and books and select music. Generally, familiar things make children feel better.

Minimize the feeling of separation

Being separated from parents is one of their biggest fears. Try to convince your child that you will be together. Although different limitations are applied due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we allow one or both parents to accompany their child.

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