Hair Transplantation Center of Güven Hospital

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Hair Transplantation Center of Güven Hospital


Hair Transplantation Center of Güven Hospital

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists of Güven Hospital use state-of-the-art hair transplantation techniques offer a permanent solution for baldness secondary to genetic or hormonal reasons.

Why You Should Prefer Us?

Hair Transplantation Center of Güven Hospital is aware of the contribution that your hair makes to how you look. We offer you the best and quickest solution to make you feel younger and gain your self-confidence. Our experienced team uses the most advanced hair transplant techniques to help all local and international patients have their hair re-grow.

There are several causes of hair loss:

  •     Genetics

  •     Diet

  •     Stress

  •     İllness

  •     Hormonal changes

  •     Medications

Language Support

Rest assured that our interpreters will help you cope with any language barrier throughout your stay in Turkey. Besides, your medication and treatment report will be issued in English or the language that you request.

Outstanding Patient Satisfaction Rates in Hair Transplant

Over 2000 patients have been satisfied with their hair transplant at Güven Hospital.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE enables re-growth of hair in bald or thinned area with a pain- and suture-free technique. Grafts are individually collected from the donor sites using micro-punches and they are transferred to micro-canals, which are also individually drilled, according to direction and angle of hair growth. We work in line with the principle of unlimited grafts at Güven Hospital in order to ensure patient satisfaction at fixed prices.


• No hair cut

No sutures

No bleeding

No waste

No scar

Facilitating denser hair transplant

More natural look

Ability to direct to the intended side

Ability to transfer more grafts

Shorter healing period

Hair transplant procedures are performed under supervision of an aesthetic and plastic surgeon at sterile operating theaters and natural results are yielded in our center. Moreover, there is opportunity to stay in Aysun Küçükel Medical Guesthouse, if requested.

What you should pay attention before a hair transplant procedure?

Hair should be shortened to 0.3 mm in FUE hair transplantation. You should know relevant details about the procedure and considering the recovery period, you should take 7 to 10 days of leave from work before a hair transplant.
You should preoperatively undergo required examination and work up. You should stop taking anti-coagulant agents one week before the procedure. You should inform your physician about the treatments and medications you take for other diseases while you are examined prior to the hair transplant.

Hair transplant candidates should avoid clothes put on over the head and prefer clothes such as shirts to dress and undress easily.

How long does hair implant procedure take?

Hair transplant procedure can be completed in 6 to 9 hours in a single day or in only one session, including preparation, depending on severity of the hair loss. The period may prolong or shorten depending on size of the bald zone.

Can medication be used after hair transplantation?

Your physician may recommend preventive medication against the risk of infection following hair transplant. It is crucial to comply with the directions.

What you should pay attention after a hair transplant procedure?

Contaminated areas and strenuous work should be avoided. Surgical site should be protected against all physical impacts, traumas and sun exposure for at least two weeks and one should wear hat, if required.

No chemicals should be used on the scalp, except medications and products recommended by the physician.

Alcohol and smoking should be avoided in order to facilitate recovery period and better attachment of transplanted hair follicles.

Patients are necessarily informed about details that require attention and strict compliance after a hair transplant. The directions should be followed meticulously.

Are there any specific dietary restrictions after hair transplant?

A special dietary regimen is not required after hair transplantation; patients can carry on with their regular diets.

Your hair is first washed at our healthcare facility and you will be informed in detail about the subsequent wash. You will need to use the shampoo that is supplied by our healthcare facility for a certain period of time to have healthier hair. Next, you may continue using your shampoo.

When can I work out following the operation?

Workout should be paused for one week. Light exercise, such as walking or jogging, may be initiated one week after the procedure. Weightlifting as well as sports with potential contact, such as football, should be avoided for at least three weeks. One may play football three weeks later but caution should be practiced and ball contact with the head should be avoided.

How long should one wait before going to sea or sauna following a hair transplant?

Sea, sauna and bath houses should be avoided for two to three weeks. They increase the risk of infection.

How soon can one have a hair cut following a hair transplant?

Straight razors and electric clippers are not recommended for hair cut, as they exert pressure on the scalp. Scissors are advised, provided it does not contact the scalp for hair cut.

Haircut may be given to the donor site three weeks after the operation in order to level the height difference between donor and recipient sites. Recipient zone may be given a haircut one month following the transplant.

When does transplanted hair start to grow?

Transplanted hair will become visible 1 to 1.5 months after the procedure. The growing hair is initially weak and will completely shed. Permanent hair will later start to grow from these hair follicles. Notable effects of hair transplant will be seen 3 to 4 months later. New hair will have been grown from 80% of the transplanted hair follicles 6 months after the procedure. Complete growth of hair at the recipient zone will take 9 to 12 months.

How long will transplanted hair grow?

The hair that grows after a transplant procedure is the native hair of the person. Hair care for transplanted hair should be same with the one before the hair loss. Hair can be grown as long as the patient desires after the transplant procedure.

How soon can PRP be given following hair transplant?

PRP therapy may be started 1 to 3 months earlier in order to increase quality of hair follicles that will be used for hair transplant. Should patient prefer initiating the PRP therapy after hair transplant, it might be started 3 months after the procedure.

Why does itching occur after hair transplant?

Since hair transplant is a type of surgical procedure, the scalp is damaged in a controlled manner. Itching is fairly normal while the new hair adapts to its new location in the recovery period after the recipient zone is damaged. Itching will disappear after the encrusting ceases.

Why do acne develop following hair transplant?

The underlying cause of acne after hair transplant is the growth of hair follicles, which are embedded into the scalp, above the skin. Acne may develop both on donor and recipient zones. It will disappear spontaneously.

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