How To Increase Sperm Quality

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How To Increase Sperm Quality


Sperm cell production and maturation last approximately 74 days. Sperm production is a continuous process, or in other words, sperm is stored and kept ready for ejaculation.

According to the criteria set by World Health Organization, sperm count should be ≥15 millions/ml and motility should be minimum 40%. If low sperm count is associated with deficiency of particular hormones, they can be replaced to increase the sperm count. Since certain types of inflammation and infections also reduce sperm count and motility, appropriate medical treatment can be started to increase the sperm count.

If such conditions are not observed, sperm count can be increased by nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Smoking is a habit that poses very negative effects on the reproductive health and dynamics as well as resultant general health problems. Smoking may lead to significant reduction in sperm counts. Similar to smoking, alcohol is a factor that impairs reproductive potential in men. In case of continuous alcohol consumption, testosterone (male sex hormone) production in testes gradually impairs and hair loss, impotence and reduction in sperm count may be caused by alcohol.

It is also very important not to expose testes to high temperatures. Since hot water bath, such as Turkish bath and sauna, impairs circulation, it may reduce the sperm count. Laptops pose the same effect and therefore, it is better to use laptops on the table. Since tight underclothes or trousers compress the testes and increase the heat, boxer-type underclothes should be preferred, if possible.

Food hygiene should be duly followed and particularly, foods should be washed before they are eaten, as pesticides and insecticides accumulate in the body and may affect sperm production adversely.

Zinc is an element that increases the sperm motility found in the prostatic fluid, and thus, zinc replacement will be beneficial if zinc level is low.

Medications used for particular diseases may also impair sperm production. It is known that anti-ulcer drugs, antibiotics and antihypertensive agents have remarkable impact on sperm counts.

A stressful life may affect the sperm production negatively. Stress should be avoided to the maximum extent, exercises should be done regularly and a regular sleep pattern should be maintained.

It is clarified that various foods are useful to increase the sperm count. It is possible to increase the sperm count and the motility by preparing locust bean molasses and locust bean cures.

It is very easy to prepare the locus bean cures;

Break 6 to 7 locust beans and add into half-liter of water that is boiled. Boil for 3 minutes on low heat and let it brew for 20 minutes. Next, take locust bean with spoon. After it gets cold, drink half of it before breakfast in the morning and the other half in the evening. Maintain the cure for a week.

It is known that natural vitamin E increases the sperm count. Fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin E can be preferred or taken as external supplement.

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