Ozone Therapy With Its Known Benefits

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Ozone Therapy With Its Known Benefits

In these days that our health is more important than ever...


In these days that our health is more important than ever, we act very carefully to protect ourselves against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which has taken the world by storm, and maintain our general health status at maximum level. There is an alternative method we prefer to strengthen our immune system, eliminate the effects of minor diseases and ensure supportive therapy for current diseases; ozone therapy.

Ozone Therapy With Its Known Benefits 

Known to weaken and impair the cellular integrity of microorganisms like bacteria, virus, yeast and fungus, ozone has been used as an adjuvant therapy for many years in treatment of a broad range of diseases. Ozone, which has been commonly used for a century in treatment and disinfection process for certain diseases, is also applied for diseases affecting the immune system.

Ozone therapy, also called “oxygen therapy” due to high amount of oxygen it includes, both increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the plasma and distribute much more oxygen over the surrounding tissues. In this way, it helps prevention of diseases. Applied efficiently particularly for treatments requiring oxygen, ozone has hemodynamic properties; more clearly, it has positive impact on the blood flow and circulation in the body.

Ozone therapy is commonly preferred in treatment of circulation disorders. Used to manage numbness and prickling in the feet of diabetic patients, ozone therapy alleviates symptoms of the circulation disorder such as pain, feeling of burn and chill.

Furthermore, ozone therapy is a complementary method for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, as it boosts the activation of the immune system and improves the body’s general resistance. Ozone therapy provides a state of wellness and it is a complementary method also for fatigue-one of the side effects of chemotherapy.

Moreover, researches indicate that ozone therapy speeds up the blood circulation in cells and tissues, improves the brain functions, eliminates pain in joint and muscle, cleans the lymph and blood system, rejuvenates blood vessels, eliminates toxin accumulated in muscles and creates a state of general well-being.


Recent clinical studies prove that ozone therapy both provides protection against the coronavirus and shortens the treatment period in the coronavirus cases as it plays an effective role in improving the immune system.

Studies show that ozone therapy has a protective effect against contagious diseases, especially for the coronavirus, influenza infection and hepatitis. Ozone therapy creates a protective layer in the immune system, which fights against the coronavirus.


Treatment protocol is applied once a week and consists of 10 sessions in total. Treatment can be maintained for further 10 sessions, each given once a week, if required. Additional sessions, each given once in three weeks, can be planned afterwards.


Ozone therapy lasting only 15 minutes is a very practical procedure and can be applied for everyone. 100 cc of blood obtained from the patient is processed by a special ozone device and administered back to the patient.

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