What is The Right Time For Urology Control?

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What is The Right Time For Urology Control?


The year 40 is a step to maturity for men. Some problems also emerge with this step. If you have become 40 years old, it is quite likely that you might be worried about hair loss and weight gain. Do you also know that it is time for you to start your routine follow-ups with a urologist?

The age of 40 is the time to start routine monitorization with a urologist to decrease the risk of prostate cancer, urinary tract problems, and sexual diseases.

How will urology visits ease your daily life?

You are in a period where health risks increase. These might affect your quality of life and by managing these problems the urologists can instruct you on the lifestyle changes you need to make and changes in your body that you need to observe.

Prostate Enlargement

Due to prostate enlargement, which is a natural part of life, you might have difficulty urinating or need to go to the bathroom too frequently.

Prostate enlargement can be treated with medication and in advanced cases it is possible to treat this problem with surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction

At the end of your 40s, erectile dysfunction and decreased libido are among commonly seen problems, and a urologist can help you.

Your urologist, who will monitor your hormones with blood tests, will guide you for the right treatments.


Vasectomy (binding of the sperm canals), which is performed to increase the quality of your sex life without the need for contraceptives, is a simple procedure with no long-term risks.

Screenings for Prostate Cancer

With routine PSA screenings, your prostate cancer risk can be determined, and you can consult your urologist on the precautions you need to take.

Regular urology visits will help you to overcome problems that arise from aging, and make you feel better. Regular cancer screenings might save your life.

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