Why Should I Have Check Up

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Why Should I Have Check Up

Do not forget that you can make your dreams a reality only if you are healthy. Take a steady step and crack the door of healthy life.



While the procedures change according to the check-up program you have selected and tests that will be performed, during a check-up program the following basic procedures are performed:

Detailed physical examination and final consultation with a physician are performed to direct the necessary tests, decide on the consultations you need, and to evaluate your results and make recommendations. 

With blood tests, it is determined that how well an individual’s organs are functioning as well as metabolic, hormonal, and hematologic conditions.

The main radiological tests are x-ray and ultrasonographic evaluation. To these procedures, which aim to scan your organs, advanced tests can be added, if needed.

Finally, with function tests, the efficiency rate of the heart and respiratory system is measured.


If you are aiming to live a long and healthy life,

If you like to find out what you need to do to reach this goal,

If you like to see that you are actually as healthy as you feel,

If you are unable to spare some time to take care of your health during the fast pace of life,

If you are worried about the diseases that have a high prevalence in your family, and

If you like to be diagnosed early and treated easily, you should have a check-up.


Please do not eat anything at least for 12 hours. 

Do not use any additional medication except the ones you are using regularly.

Stop consuming alcohol and caffeine at least one day prior.

Within the last day, do not do any sport and activities that will push your body.

Female patients must inform us if there is a possibility that they might be pregnant. 

With the tests and detailed physical examination included in this program, metabolic and bodily function will be evaluated and recommendations will be made according to the results. These programs are suitable for women/men, during whose prior examinations no significant diseases are detected. 

FALSE: I feel fine, then I do not need to have a check-up

TRUE: Check-up is performed to diagnose diseases early that does not show any symptoms

FALSE: My family does not have a history of cancer, why should I need to have a cancer scan?

TRUE: Cancer is a disease that depends on genetic conditions or lifestyle. You can be at risk according to your lifestyle.

FALSE: I am healthy even though I have been consuming alcohol and smoking for a long time. 

TRUE: Smoking primarily causes lung cancer and respiratory diseases such as emphysema and COLD, and this leads to cardiac diseases. Alcohol consumption disturbs the liver functions and causes diseases such as cirrhosis. With regular check-ups, you can monitor the condition of your vital organs.

FALSE: I had a check-up several years ago, they told me I did not have any health problems. I do not need to have another one. 

TRUE: We recommend that you should have annual check-ups to make sure that you are still healthy by sharing the previous results with your physician.

FALSE: I have a private health insurance, there is no point in me having a check-up.

TRUE: Private insurance coverage will help you with expenses when you are actually ill; check-up is performed to help the early diagnosis of a disease even before the symptoms starts to occur. Please do not forget that what important is “not getting sick”. 

How often should I have a check-up? 

Every individual should have annual check-ups so that the health monitorization could be more detailed and possible diseases can be prevented.

If I develop a health problem after my check-up, will you refer me to the necessary departments? 

The necessary referrals, additional examinations, and tests are performed by the primary physician.

How accurate are the results?

Our devices are equipped with the latest technology and the necessary maintenance and calibration are regularly performed. If there is a suspicious result, the related test is repeated.

Who will evaluate the results?  

The results will be evaluated by the related specialists. 

Do I have to separately pay for the evaluation of my results? 

You do not need to pay anything for the evaluation. 

Can pregnant women have check-ups? 

Pregnant women can benefit from all procedures except radiological examinations that involve radiation such as chest x-ray.

How long does it take to complete a check-up? 

This can vary according to the package content. You can find out more when you are booking your appointments. 

Modern medicine aims to keep an individual healthy by taking the necessary precaution before a disease emerges. Because when a disease emerges, both the treatment process is long and exhausting, and our health is already compromised. Even though showing no symptoms or having no complaints, each person needs to have general health checks within certain periods. With check-ups, possible diseases can be diagnosed without any symptoms and be treated early. Please do not forget that a symptom that seems insignificant can lead to a serious disease.

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