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For Your Beauty

We know that you value your beauty as much as your health.


We know that you value your beauty as much as your health. Therefore, we serve you by our specialized team and technological infrastructure for a younger, beautiful and vibrant skin. Dermocosmetologic procedures and laser therapies that are performed in Dermatology Department enables you have healthy, smooth and young looking skin and minimize effects of aging by challenging the wrinkles. Moreover, you can reach to the look you dreamt of with the medical skin care and regional slimming practices performed at our clinic.


Botox Application

If injected for cosmetic purpose, Botulinum toxin is effective in managing dynamic wrinkles and lines that develop secondary to frequent use of mimic muscles, but have not transformed into chronic form. Moreover, Botulium toxin is diluted and injected to the target site for hyperhidrosis in axilla, hands and feet.


Prefilled syringes that contain hyaluronic acid are used for dermal fillers and the ingredient is injected to eliminate deepened skin folds (face, lip, dorsum of hand, neck etc.), increase tissue volume and fill in the deep wrinkles – all in order to gain more aesthetic look. The results last for varying intervals depending on the ingredient of the dermal filler.

Mesolifting (Facial Mesotherapy): 

This method aims rejuvenating the skin and restoring healthy, young and refreshed look. Dermatologists mix moisturizing and volume-boosting substances, such as Vitamin A, C and E, antioxidant substances, amino acids and hyaluronic acids, which are subcutaneously administered to face, neck, hand and other body regions.

Gold Needle RF (Radiofrequency): 

Fractional micro-holes are created on epidermis using micro-needles and fully localized dermal coagulation is applied with the radiofrequency energy delivered through the tip of the needle. It is among the most effective methods to rejuvenate and renew the skin, manage large pores, balance skin sebum and to eliminate scars.

Chemical Peeling

The skin is peeled using a series of chemical peeling agents in order to refresh the skin, make the skin shiny and tighten pores. Depth and targeted areas vary depending on the concentration of the product. The agent selected according to type of skin should be administered by a physician. Successful outcomes are obtained for pale, dull, spotted, pimpled and rough skin.

Roller / Micro-needling

Tiny punctures are created on facial skin using a device characterized with micro-needles mounted on a cylinder and thus, the skin is wounded in a controlled manner. The skin is reconstructed using positive effects of wound healing. The effect is further improved by combining it with mesotherapy solutions, vitamins, masks and PRP.

Hair Mesotherapy

For hair loss; it helps re-growth of hair and thickening and strengthening of existing hair follicles. Platelet rich plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood or prefilled hair solutions that contain certain vitamins and growth factors are injected to the target sites.

Dermatocosmetologic Stem Cell: 

A small tissue piece is sterilely collected at laboratory settings from the skin at the back of the ear (retroauricular skin) that is exposed to minimal sun damage and stem cells are grown in the fibroblast culture; fibroblast stem cells are injected to the target site. Thus, new cell growth increases, resulting in refreshed, tight and young look.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma): 

Platelet rich plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood is injected to target sites or combined with other dermatherapy methods, such as roller, micro-needling, gold needle radiofrequency, fractional laser etc. The skin appears rejuvenated, refreshed, shiny and tightened. It is used for acne scars, incision scars and keloid scars.

Hand Rejuvenation: 

Laser therapies and fillers can eliminate aging-related problems in hands, such as volume loss, wrinkles and spots.


Laser Skin Resurfacing: 

Laser skin resurfacing aims tightening, recovery, freshness, vitality, rejuvenation and young appearance, since laser energy regenerates both superficial and deep layers of skin and reconstructs the collagen content of the skin. Lasers with varying wavelengths can be used. Laser therapy performed by a physician results in healthy and young skin.

Laser therapy for Spots, Freckles and Skin Tone Differences

Q-switched laser systems are used to eliminate spots, irregular stains on skin and tone differences. Repeated sessions may be required.

Laser Therapy for Acne and Growth- and Delivery-related Cracked Skin: 

Acne and scar formations are actively treated using Q-switched laser systems. Repeated sessions may be required.

Laser Therapy for Capillary Vessels

Nd YAG (1064 nm) and KTP (532 nm) laser systems deliver laser energy to the hemoglobin that is found in the vessel, resulting in constriction and destruction of the vessel. This method is preferred for Rosacea disease that causes red face, capillary varices on face and in leg, spider telengiectasia, strawberry nevus and some congenital vascular lesions (Port Wine Stain)

Tattoo Removal with Laser

Tattoos can be removed with Q-switched laser systems. Repeated sessions may be required.

Hair Lightening with Laser

Thin hairs that are not appropriate for laser hair removal are lightened with Q-switched laser. It should be intermittently repeated.

Laser Therapy for Benign Tumors

Er YAG laser is a system that has wavelength of 2940 nm and is used for various dermatological laser therapies using ablative and fractional hand pieces. Benign tumors (seborrheic keratosis, soft papilloma, syringoma, xanthelasma etc.) and lesions of skin can be managed using this technique.

Laser Carbon Peeling

After carbon cream is rubbed into the skin surface, full face is scanned with Q-switched laser. This laser modality decreases defects on upper layer of the skin and recovers and revives the skin. Carbon peeling ensures skin resurfacing, eliminates skin tone fluctuations, acne and scars, tightens pores and restores shiny appearance.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal: 

Alenxdrite device, which is a cutting-edge laser hair removal device, emit laser beams that destruct and remove hair follicles. The application is started after a dermatologist is consulted and under supervision of a dermatologist. Inter-session interval is generally 5 to 6 weeks. Marked improvement is witnessed in 5 to 8 sessions, although it may vary depending on hair type, color, thickness, concentration and the application site. The patients can engage in routine daily activities immediately after the treatment, although it is necessary to use sunscreen.

Electrolysis Hair Removal: 

This hair removal method is performed by using a needle. The needle should be precisely inserted into the hair follicle. Next, a small dose of electric energy is delivered, the hair follicle is destroyed and the hair is removed.


Medical Skin Care

Dermacosmetic products are used for medical skin care; the skin is cleansed of factors that are responsible for pale skin appearance, such as fat deposits, black spots and make-up residues, and these procedures ensure revitalizing the skin.

Peeling and Microdermabrasion: 

Those methods are utilized to treat spots, eliminate fine wrinkles, refresh the skin tone, close large pores, ensure skin moisture balance, eliminate acne and acne scars, black and white spots and ensure a shinier and younger look.

Lifting and Anti-Aging: 

This anti-aging care is focused on tired and weak skin that has lost elasticity and requires regeneration.

Acneic Skin Care: 

This skin care is reserved for mixed-type and oily skin, skin impurities and acne-prone skin as well as skin that requires special care. Oil and moisture of the skin are balanced.

Anti Aging Eye Care

Tired and puffy eyes are revitalized and under-eye bags and lines are minimized.

Keratin Lash lift: 

This method ensures bigger-looking eyes, thickened eyelashes and effect of lifted eyelids. This lash care procedure, which is performed with pigments, keratin and vitamin supplements, ensures an ideal length, sharp curve and visible thickening in eyelashes for 8 to 12 weeks.

Adolescent Skin Care

These procedures aim removal of acne and black spots in adolescents aged 11 to 18 years due to hormonal fluctuations and disinfection of the skin.

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