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For Your Beauty in All Ages

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Nose Job (Nasal Aesthetic): Nose job aims making the nose appear natural and proportional to the face, while nasal functions are conserved and patient satisfaction is maximized. To make the nose proportional to the face, surgical or non-surgical interventions can be added to other facial regions.

Eyelid Aesthetics: This surgery involves removal of excessive skin and bulging fat tissue and the procedure can be performed for both upper and lower eyelid. The intent is to obtain rejuvenated eye contours that look non-puffy and stunning. Skin around the eye (periocular skin) will sag and fat pads will develop due to years of stress and sleep deprivation, resulting in tired and old looking eyes and impaired visual field.

Jowl Aesthetics: Problems can be faced in the jowl (submental region) due to regional fat deposition. Restoration of facial contours and sharpness of jaw margins makes seriously positive contributions to the aesthetic profile of the person. Since approximately 3-mm incisions are made, no scar formation is observed in VASER Liposuction that is the gold standard method for this condition.

Botox: If injected for cosmetic purpose, Botulinum toxin is effective in managing dynamic wrinkles and line that occur secondary to frequent use of mimic muscles, but have not transformed into chronic form. Moreover, Botulium toxin is diluted and injected to the target site for hyperhidrosis in axilla, hands and feet.

Dermal Fillers: Prefilled syringes that contain hyaluronic acid are used for dermal fillers and the ingredient is injected to eliminate deepened skin folds (face, lip, dorsum of hand, neck etc.), increase tissue volume; fill in the deep wrinkles – all in order to gain more aesthetic appearance. Durability of outcomes varies depending on the ingredient of the dermal filler.

Mesolifting (Facial Mesotherapy):  Dermatologists mix moisturizing and volumeboosting substances, such as Vitamin A, C and E, antioxidant substances, amino acids and hyaluronic acids, that are subcutaneously administered to face, neck, hand and other body regions to rejuvenate the skin and to restore healthy, young and refreshed appearance.

Stem Cell (Dermatocosmetic): A small tissue piece is sterilely collected at laboratory settings from the skin at the back of the ear (retroauricular skin) with minimal sun damage and stem cells are grown in the fibroblast culture; fibroblast stem cells are injected to the intended site. Thus, new cell growth increases, resulting in refreshed, tight and young appearance.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Platelet rich plasma obtained from the own blood of the person is injected to target sites or combined with other dermatherapy methods (roller, microneedling, gold needle radiofrequency, fractional laser etc.).  The skin appears rejuvenated, refreshed, shiny and tightened. It is used for acne scars, incision scars and keloid scars.

Hand Rejuvenation: Laser therapies and fillers can eliminate aging-related problems in hands, such as volume loss, wrinkles and spots.

Gold Needle RF (Radiofrequency): Fractional micro-holes are created on epidermis using micro-needles and fully localized dermal coagulation is applied with the radiofrequency energy delivered through the tip of the needle.  It is among most effective methods to rejuvenate and renew skin, manage large pores, balance skin sebum and to eliminate scars.

Chemical Peeling: The skin is peeled using a series of chemical peeler agents in order to refresh skin, make the skin shiny and to tighten pores. Depth and target areas vary depending on the concentration of the product. The agent selected according to type of skin should be administered by a physician. Successful outcomes are obtained for pale, dull, spotted, pimpled and rough skin.

Roller / Micro-needling: Tiny punctures are created on facial skin using a device characterized with micro-needles mounted on a cylinder and thus, the skin is wounded in a controlled manner. The skin is reconstructed using positive effects of wound healing. The effect is further improved by combining it with mesotherapy solutions, vitamins, masks and PRP.

Hair Mesotherapy: It stimulates re-growth of hair after hair loss, thickens and strengthens current hair follicles. Platelet rich plasma obtained from the own blood of the patient or prefilled hair solutions that contain particular vitamins and growth factors are injected to intended sites.

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