Is your blood pressure higher than usual?

Our Health Guide is prepared to provide you actual information.

Is your blood pressure higher than usual?

Check these little steps when your daily blood pressure changes


Have you increased your alcohol consumption?

If yes, you should consider moderation back for a while.

Are you eating more processed foods, unhealthy snacks and salt?

At least, try to eat those with lower amount of salt and to eat healthier foods, if possible.

Do imbalanced diet and sedentary lifestyle cause weight gain?

You can start writing down the food you eat throughout the day. You can restrict calorie intake or visit a dietician at least until you restore your usual weight.

Are you smoking more heavily?

This may the main suspect. You should, at least, reduce immediately.

Are you stressed?

Turn off the TV, log off from social media, take a relaxing walk, listen to some music, stretch and meditate.

Most importantly, CALL US to start treatment with the most accurate diagnosis through an online interview.

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