Güven Çayyolu
Healthy Life Campus


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Alacaatlı Caddesi No:15,
Çayyolu, Ankara

Güven Çayyolu Healthy Life Campus

It is the manifestation of the new generation of medical services in primary care. This is a gift to Turkey from Güven family.

Our aim is to take the state of health to the next level and to protect it. While using all the reality of science for this; to put mental, mental and physical health integrity to the target. We put the Campus at your service to protect your health as much as possible. In our health campus, which includes every opportunity, we take a picture of your health with protective check-up panels and genetic identification.

If there is a need for retouching in the picture, our expert medical team steps in. We use all the opportunities that science and technology offer us in the right nutritional balance (at home, at work, wherever you are) and the understanding of sports for health. We strive to be a part of your family every moment by engaging art and personal development workshops in order to free our minds to a piece.

You; who are our guests ...
We are the ones who think about adding value to our services ... Together, we will develop and deepen the programs over time ... We are waiting for your suggestions. While we are running at a dizzying speed, we bring the opportunities (regeneration - purification) to your feet so that environmental factors, nutrition and other habits affect our health in a good way.

You deserve the best of everything. Good thing you are. With your trust and inspiration, we can say new words.


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