Güven Çayyolu
Surgical Medical Center


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Alacaatlı Caddesi No:15,
Çayyolu, Ankara

Güven Çayyolu Surgical Medical Center

In our Surgical Medical Center, which is located in Güven Çayyolu Health and Life Campus, serving in new and modern buildings with a closed area of over ten thousand square meters,
a fully equipped operating room,
25 polyclinics,
a modern laboratory,
Multislice Computerized Tomography,
new system 1.5 tesla AERA Magnetic Resonance Unit,
new system Elastografic USG,
Digital System Tomosynthesis Mammography,
Radiology Units,
Endoscopy and Colonoscopy units.

We aim at the maximum satisfaction of our guests at Güven Çayyolu Surgical Medical Center, which is patient-friendly, flat, spacious, easy to use, easily accessible with modern and spacious spaces, and can offer outpatient diagnosis and treatment services and daily treatments.


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