JCI Accreditation

Ankara Güven Hospital, was accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International)


Ankara Güven Hospital was accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), which aims determining, implementing and sustaining all conditions to enhance safety and service quality in healthcare facilities, create a safe and secure environment for patients and minimize risks for patients and healthcare personnel, in 2008, 2011, 2014 and later in 2017. 

Organ Transplantation Center

Organ Transplantation Department of the Güven Hospital is serving our patients with the participation of transplant surgeons, anesthesiologists, nephrologists and gastroenterologists in a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Preliminary studies are done for patients, who are admitted for liver or kidney transplantation, and compatible live donor, if there is, at the relevant units of Organ Transplantation Department, and depending on the type of the organs, transplantation decision is discussed and concluded in the Liver or Kidney Transplantation Council. Our primary goal is to get our patients had a successful transplantation surgery and a smooth early postoperative period. Our long-term and main goal is providing regular follow-up and training for our patients, helping them to be reintegrated into their families and society in post-transplantation period.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Medical Oncology Center

Medical Oncology Center is treating patients diagnosed with cancer, utilizing all means of modern medicine in a multidisciplinary approach. Our center is serving our patients using worldwide accepted scientific treatment modalities.

Cancer patients and families also need psychological support, along with medical treatment. In recognition of this fact, we intend to provide our patients and families with the best service by our friendly staff in a hygienic and comfortable environment we created in our chemotherapy unit. Also, periodical follow up is maintained for patient, who completed chemotherapy, at our clinic. We can provide cancer screening service for people who are under risk of cancer. Our clinic is also providing care and treatment at inpatient setting. Ankara Güven Hospital is on your side at every stage of the fight against cancer.