Lasers Used In Our Center

Sciton Er-Yag (2940 nm)

Laser is an effective method used for the treatment of wrinkles, scars, and skin lesions in facial rejuvenation. Along with the treatment of skin laxity, it offers an easier opportunity than face tightening surgery.

Sciton Erbium Yag Laser

It is very effective in relieving fine lines and wrinkles, from moderate to deep.

Gemini Nd Yag, KTP Laser

Sciton Pro-Lipo Plus

Prolipo PLUS is a minimally invasive, ultra high powerful laser system for performing laser-assisted lipolysis. It dissolves unwanted fat and coagulates tissue.

Clinical Applications

Prolipo PLUs has received FDA approval for laser-assisted lipolysis. It is mostly used in patients who require fine shaping in difficult areas such as medical thighs, upper abdomen, periumbilical, submental area, and upper arms. Physicians are now easily able to intervene with these traditionally problematic areas for liposuction. ProLipo PLUS can be effectively used as an adjunct to traditional liposuction for fat removal and it creates an observable improvement in skin laxity. 

the following areas of the body can be shaped using ProLipo PLUS.

Epi-Duo Alexandrite Laser

EpiCare Long Pulse systems are one of the first 755-nm laser hair removal systems. Today, it is one of the best lasers for hair removal use. It produces satisfactory results because patients are treated in less time and with fewer sessions using this machine.