About Ankara

Ankara is the capital city of the young Republic of Turkey

Welcome to the capital of Turkey, Ankara!

Ankara, the second biggest metropolitan of Turkey, has been the home of many civilizations with its history dating back to the Stone Age.

With its wonderful museums, parks, Kalecik Karası grapes, thermal springs and many other cultural and historic properties, Ankara receives visitors all year long.

Ankara, the cradle of many civilizations, is located at the heart of the Anatolia. After the Turkish War of Independence, this ancient city became the capital of Turkey instead of Istanbul.

The capital Ankara also hosts many artistic and cultural events. You just left with the choice of whether to enjoy many modern dance shows, concerts, and domestic and foreign movie festivals or to step into the mysteries of history and many forms of art with the city’s unique museums.

With national and international theater, visual art, music, food, wine festivals, Ankara is an irreplaceable city for pleasure-seeking individuals.

Many places on earth cannot set you out on a chronological journey about the astonishing development of humankind.

With its structure based on a chronological spiral, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara offers you an astral journey from 900 years ago until today.

You have probably heard the myth of King Midas and how he turns everything he touches into gold. But did you know that King Midas is a historic figure that lived almost 3000 years ago in Polatlı near Ankara?

The oldest mosque in Ankara, Alaeddin Mosque, which was built during Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate and is still open for worship, waits for you to carry you to different places with its historic and spiritual prosperities.

While you are in Ankara, the biggest urban cable car system of Eurasia offers you a unique cityscape.

As Güven Hospital, we are happy to add value to this city. While you are recovering, you will lose track of time in this city that offers you everything you need.