Obesity Support Program

Obesity support program helps management of body weight and improves healthy nutritional habits.

This program is appropriate for everybody who has undergone bariatric surgery or has bodyweight problem. 

A council of physicians from relevant departments, physiotherapist, dietician, gourmet, psychologist, healthy life family agent and body and art therapists will decide whether patient will be started on the program or stages that are appropriate for each patient.

This program helps management of body weight and participants are informed and supported about prevention of chronic diseases, taking role in medical treatment of existing diseases, accelerating recovery process, psychosocial improvement and healthy nutritional habits. food that are specially cooked by the gourmets for the individual are delivered to home or work place in order to help people convert this program into a lifestyle. Workshops are organized to teach them how those foods are cooked and they are allowed to cook them alone.

Physical exercises appropriate for the individual are done one-to-one under guidance of a doctor with physiotherapists / personal trainers in accordance with the targets of performance tests. All efforts are made to transform physical exercise into a lifestyle.