Our guide is designed to assist patients, their relatives and caregivers.

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Patient Guide

The happiness and safety of our patients are just as important for us as their health. At Güven Hospital, our priority is to make sure that from the moment they apply to our hospital all diagnosis and treatment processes of our patients are easy and comfortable.

To achieve this goal, we are building all our service policies, especially international patient processes, on the empathy and emotional bond we have with our patients.

Our main goal is to find out the needs and demands of both our patients and their relatives and to make necessary arrangements to meet these. Within the scope of our multidisciplinary treatment procedures, our medical staff is at your service to meet your needs with our “Patient-Oriented Approach”.

Properties of Patient-Oriented Approach

We are working to fulfill your needs with our Patients’ Rights Representative and International Patient Relations Team.

Within the scope of our multidisciplinary treatment principle, our physicians, managers, dieticians, psychologists and the International Patient Relations team are at your service.

You just need to inform us of your expectations before arriving at our hospital. Thus we can make the necessary arrangements for you to get through this process without sacrificing your habits.


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