The Risk of Breast Cancer

Every woman has the risk of breast cancer.

Every woman has the risk of breast cancer

A woman’s risk of breast cancer differs according to her lifestyle and genetic structure.

We can reduce the risk by making small changes in our lifestyle

Changing our body mass index, our weight

Increasing our daily physical activities

Quitting smoking

Limiting our alcohol consumption

Preferring healthy fat consumption.

Other than these motherhood and breastfeeding are also factors that reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Factors that increase the risk of breast cancer

Advanced age

Familial breast cancer history

Intense breast tissue

Some genetic mutations

Mammary lesions

Hormone treatments

Mutation of BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes

Individualized programs for each woman

The breast cancer risk can differ according to your lifestyle, consumption habits, and familial history. You can consult your doctor to participate in a program that is planned according to these variables.

In the main risk groups, after the age of 40, an annual mammogram would be sufficient.

According to the increasing risks, your doctor can recommend different breast scans. For the group with a genetic risk, removal of the breast tissue will be listed among the possible options. On this matter, Angelina Jolie made an important decision and had both of her breast tissues removed and pioneered many women.

So how can we reduce our risk of breast cancer?

A good start is keeping our weight in a healthy range.

Doing a 30 min exercise every day will protect us against many diseases.

Not smoking or, if we are smoking, quitting this habit is a significantly important step.

By limiting our alcohol consumption, we can take a precaution against breast cancer and many other diseases.