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Договорные учреждения

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Güven Health Group New Mobile Application is Online!

The Mobile App of Güven Hospital to make your life better and healthier. Güven App can help you save valuable time by letting you book your appointments, access your lab results, or receive face to face care from your doctor with a live, virtual visit via your mobile or tablet.

Click the link below to download the application to your phone.


E-консультации и Интернет
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You can access the expertise of our specialists from anywhere in the world by sending your reports and images for a second medical opinion or you can have a consultation with doctors via telephone for e-consultation.

From the Comfort of Home

With E-Consultation & Online Second Medical Opinion program you can get access to the expertise of Güven Hospital specialists without the time and expense of travel. This precious service gives patients secure, online access to our specialists for nearly any diagnosis.

Для вашего второго запроса медицинского заключения вы можете использовать форму.

Price Request Form

Pricing for healthcare can be confusing at times. At Güven Hospital, our "Pricing Team" will be happy to help you get an approximate price for your healthcare services.

The prices given are based on the data obtained as a result of routine care applied for our patients receiving similar services. We would like to warn you that these prices are not a guarantee of the final cost of your services. Since our processes are tailored to the needs of each patient, the final cost may vary according to the circumstances. These types of situations can include:

The length of time taken for surgery or recovery
Special equipment, materials and medicines required
Additional tests requested by your doctor
Any special care, unexpected situations or complications


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