Brain Tumors

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Brain Tumors

Each year millions of people are diagnosed with cancer.


Each year millions of people are diagnosed with cancer. 1.7 % of these patients are suffering from brain tumors.

For the early diagnosis of brain tumors, whose prevalence recently increased especially in North America and Northern Europe, individuals, especially those who have a family history, should regularly be checked.

As the Oncology Center of Güven Hospital, we diagnosis and treatment services for patients all around the world. Our physicians, who work with a multidisciplinary approach, provide our patients with a wide range of treatment options such as surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and innovative brain tumor clinical trials.

The physicians, surgeons, nurses, and all support staff of the Güven Hospital Oncology Center are devoted to treating patients with brain tumors. To treat each patient with as few side effects as possible, our team approaches each case with special care. Our physicians not only find and use the treatment combination that is most suitable for a patient’s physical condition and immune system, but also actively try to develop new treatment options.

Our goal is to improve our patient’s quality of life while providing them with the moth suitable treatment. Güven Hospital Oncology Center works with Güven Life to make sure that our foreign patients have a high-quality treatment process during their clinical care and treatment. Thus, apart from their treatment, our patients are under the supervision of a physician and can benefit from a social services experts and all resources our campus has to offer.

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