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To have a more fit and enjoyable life, make sure that you always have a health plan.


In the fast pace of life, sometimes we forget the importance of our health. Waiting to be sick to come for a follow-up appointment might put you in a difficult position. To have a more fit and enjoyable life, make sure that you always have a health plan. 

With comprehensive individualized check-up packages, Güven Hospital offers you first-class preventative and medical healthcare services.

With check-up packages that take approximately one day, you can:

  • Discover possible medical problems,
  • Find out about your risk factors and take precautions to eliminate them,
  • Get advice to improve your health.

How much does check-up cost? 

The prices of the check-up packages can differ according to the screening test determined according to your age and gender, and the program you chose. All content is determined by our expert doctors according to your needs.

Is check-up covered by insurance companies? 

Many insurance companies have their mini screening programs. To benefit from these, you can contact us. The detailed check-up programs, which are formed by the doctors of Güven Hospital, are not covered by insurance companies. 

Are there institutional discounts?

According to the number of people that will participate in the check-up program, an institutional discount might be applied. You can contact us for detailed information.

How can I make an appointment?

You can plan your procedures for the day of your choosing through our Call Center or International Patient Relations Department.

How long will the check-up program take? 

A standard check-up package will take approximately six to eight hours. Therefore, it is important that you reserve one whole day for us. If your package includes surgical procedures or tests, whose results will take more than one day to come out, planning of these kinds of procedures will be done on the day you arrive for your appointments.

When can I get my check-up results?

After all procedures are completed, you will be able to discuss your results with your doctor and can collect them as a file.

If I am traveling from a different city or country, where can I stay? 

All your transportation and accommodation processes will be organized by our International Patient Relations Team. If you have different requests, you can get information from our colleagues. 

How will the check-up process progress?

The check-up program, during which one of our colleagues will escort you, starts with a preliminary evaluation, comprehensive physical examination, review of personal and familial history, and lab tests. Clinic evaluation processes, imaging procedures (x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI), which are included in the package, and the results will be evaluated by your doctor.

All our patients receive detailed reports, which includes medical findings and test results. Moreover, your doctor will make recommendations on potential problems and living healthy.

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