Genital Aesthetics

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Genital Aesthetics

One of the regions that women have aesthetic concerns is genital region.


The deformities in the genital region not only cause an aesthetically bad appearance, but also result in problems such as lack of self-confidence, sexual dysfunction, painful sexual intercourse, frequent infections, lack of satisfaction or embarrassment. An important part of women cannot state their complaints although they are aware of this condition, look for a solution on their own since they cannot express themselves easily and suffer serious stress.

Genital aesthetic procedures are easily and satisfying. This subject is no longer a taboo since patients can return to their work and social lives shortly after the procedure.

Aesthetic procedures for the genital region can be evaluated under several topics.

Labia Majora Aesthetics (Labia Majoraplasty) 

The structures located at the outermost layer of tissues surrounding the genital region, covered with hair and filled with a spongy fat tissue are called labia majora. Although the structure of labia majora varies from person to person, they are generally and closed such that they cover the labia minora. Some women may have labia majora that appear more obscured or sagged than normal. This condition causes the genital region to look older and labia minora to look sagged and larger than normal.

Loss of fleshiness in the labia major may be caused by structural causes. Sagging and loosening can be seen in the labia majora due to advancing age, menopause, rapid weight loss, weak collagen tissue, hormonal disorders, diseases that cause itching, smoking and frequent masturbation. While the individual’s own fat tissue can be used as a filler for filling operations to correct this condition in the labia majora, a synthetic material that is approved by FDA for filling procedures performed on the human body called hyaluronic acid can also be used. If the patient’s own tissue is used, the fat tissue obtained from a body region such as inner part of the thigh or abdomen with liposuction is processed and injected to the filling region. This procedure should be performed at the hospital, under operating theatre conditions. Filling procedures performed with hyaluronic acid can be performed in a shorter time at outpatient clinic. Patients can resume their daily lives immediately after the procedure.

This procedure does not cause any damage in genital organs. It does not harm the hymen when it is applied for virgin patients, it does negatively affect the orgasm or pose any negative effect on fertility or future pregnancy.

If there is no volume loss, but there is loosening in the skin, removing the excess skin tissue in treatment ensures an effective result.

Labia Minora Aesthetics (Labia Minoraplasty) 

One of the external genital organs that develop with puberty is labia minora. These may sometimes overgrow in puberty and sag between the labia majora. The same appearance can also be seen in external genital structures that lose volume and elasticity with aging and menopause. This condition causes a bad aesthetic appearance. For instance, it can cause discomfort as it looks like a swelling when the patient wears swimsuit or bikini and it can cause difficulty during sexual intercourse or painful intercourse by blocking the penetration. In this case, if the excess part in the labia minora is actually an excess tissue, the accurate treatment option is to remove these structures. However, in elderly patients, the sagging in the labia minora may be caused by the loss of volume in the labia majora and/or it may appear as an excess tissue. In this case, first, the labia majora should be intervened and if the labia minora still looks sagged and larger than normal, these structures should also be intervened at the same time.

Aesthetics for Pubic Region

A swollen and slightly sagging appearance develops in the hairy region on the genital organ due to excessive soft tissue generally in individuals (male and female) who are overweight. If there is excess volume in this area, the accurate treatment approach is liposuction (classic or VASER). If there is sagging and excess skin in this area, the excess tissue should be surgically removed for lifting the excess skin and soft tissue.

Vaginoplasty (Vaginal aesthetics – vaginal tightening procedures)

Colloquially known as vaginal aesthetics, vaginoplasty can be performed with surgical or laser method. Enlargements which develop in time due to structural reasons or vaginal deliveries are commonly seen. This kind of deformities can cause decrease or lack of pleasure in sexual intercourse for both women and men.

The loose excess tissue is surgically removed to tighten the area and rejuvenate the surrounding tissues. Vaginal tightening can be performed with a very quick and easy method at outpatient clinic using laser without need for anesthesia.

Repair of stretch marks after delivery

Episiotomy can be performed –in other words, some incisions can be made- during vaginal delivery to ensure that the head of baby is taken out easily. When these incisions are not repaired well or a bad suturing technique is used or no suturing is made at all and vagina is ruptured spontaneously, shapelessly and in an uncontrolled way, aesthetically bad appearance can remain in the genital region. Scar tissues can be removed easily and the tissues can be resutured with a proper alignment. Loosening or sagging in inner tissues can be corrected at this time.

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