Hearing loss

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Hearing loss

Healthy hearing is a must for normal development of speech.


Speech is the tool that is most commonly used for communication and infants and babies learn speaking by listening to others. Healthy hearing is a must for normal development of speech. On the other hand, hearing loss hinders infants and babies learn speaking. Progression of the impaired hearing leads to stronger negative effects on speech and unfortunately, self-learning of speaking is impossible, if hearing loss is at a significant stage.

Information exchange is limited in children who cannot communicate verbally and mental development and creativity is influenced negatively due to lack of sufficient stimulus. Ill temper, introversion and socialization problems are likely in hearing-impaired children, as the child cannot express emotions and requests. Impaired hearing should be diagnosed early and hearing aids should be used before advanced stages in order to ensure almost normal development of speech and language. Initiation of treatment at early stage will have positive effects on social, emotional, cognitive and academic development of the child.

On the other hand, hearing loss in elderly may lead to a series of problem ranging from socialization problems, perception deficiency, memory impairment and even dementia. These patients usually express their complaints as follows: “I hear, but I cannot understand”.

Technological advancements are reflected in hearing aids in terms of both technical capabilities and ease of use along with aesthetic features. Old-generation analog devices are replaced by digital ones that allow more natural voice. Moreover, there are glasses-type hearing aids that help hearing through the scalp over bones and the ones that are used with a head strap along with in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids depending on severity and type of the hearing loss. If such devices do not help management of the hearing loss, cochlear implants can be considered that are colloquially called “bionic ear” and placed surgically.

Effects of hearing loss vary in infants/children and adults and the severity of effect is directly proportional to the stage of the hearing loss. Therefore, corrective measures should be immediately taken in people with impaired hearing.

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