Speech Disorders

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Speech Disorders

All those speech disorders can be eliminated.


The most common speech disorders of childhood are stuttering, articulation disorder and late-onset speaking. Stuttering is related to disfluency. Usual flow or rhythm of speech is interrupted or hindered. Articular disorder implies improper generation of certain sounds in terms of where the sound is generated, its type, speed and timing. Delay in child speech implies late-onset or slow development of child’s speech relative to his/her age. Vocabulary is also poor in children with delay in language onset relative to his/her peers. They have difficulty in making sentence and they prefer gestures and mimics rather than expressing requests with words. They like to stay and play alone. Ill-tempered behaviors, such as crying, yelling and damaging and throwing toys, are likely, as they cannot express themselves.

All those speech disorders can be completely or partially eliminated through appropriate training and therapy that should be started in a timely manner.

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