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About Oral and Dental Health

Diagnosis and treatment services are available for both pediatric and adult patients in Oral and Dental Health Clinic of Güven Health Group.


About Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Diagnosis and treatment services are available for both pediatric and adult patients in Oral and Dental Health Clinic of Güven Health Group. All dental treatments for adults, including aesthetic dentistry procedures, are performed in Adult Oral and Dental Health Clinic that serves patients in Güven Hospital and Güven Çayyolu Healthy Life Campus. On the other hand, Pediatric Dental Clinic that is located in Güven Çayyolu Healthy Life Campus deals with supervision of oral and dental health and treatment procedures for dental diseases for children at age of 0 to 18 years.

All ceramic crowns for beautiful smile

All ceramic crowns are often used to make teeth look healthy and aesthetic, and this method is a long-standing and safe procedure that promises a natural look. This procedure requires presence of native teeth. Teeth are circumferentially shaved and prepped and the crown is applied on the tooth.

This method is reserved for age-related discolorations, teeth that have undergone canal treatment and do not respond to bleaching, teeth with congenital tissue disorder or deformity, shape or alignment disorders and requirement of smile design. It can be performed in fully equipped centers by specialists for everyone who seeks natural- and healthy-looking teeth.

Both natural and aesthetic smile with ceramic laminate veneers

Buccal surfaces of teeth are slightly abraded and porcelain veneer that is in the form of a thin layer is bonded on the abraded surface in the ceramic laminate veneer procedure. Ceramic laminate veneers look very similar to the native tooth and therefore, aesthetic results are perfect. Since the tooth surface is minimally abraded, the intact tissue of the tooth is largely conserved. This treatment usually lasts one week. Patients can resume business and social lives with temporarily placed laminate veneers in this interval.

It is one of the most accurate and safe procedures for the teeth that are characterized with insufficient response to bleaching, appear discolored, are broken and/or abraded and that are crooked or aligned abnormally apart from each other or if the person is not satisfied with shape of teeth or seeks an aesthetic smile.

They can be used for long years without a problem, if oral and dental hygiene is cared for and hard-bitten foods are not consumed. It is necessary to visit dentist at semi-annual or annual, at latest, intervals. Ceramic laminate veneers should be applied in fully equipped centers by specialists.

Most efficient solution for abnormally prominent gums while smiling: Pink aesthetic

Healthy teeth and concordance between the teeth and gums are inevitable components of a beautiful smile. Healthy gum implies gums that are light pink in color and tightly adhere to the tooth. Too prominent gums while smiling and asymmetrical or receding gums distort the aesthetic look. Gum aesthetics, also called pink aesthetics, is performed to correct gums that appear too prominent and very successful results are created.

Excess gums are removed, contours of gums are corrected and it helps gums look aesthetic. Since it is a pain- and bleeding-free procedure, it has no negative effect on business or social life. If a problem is detected in gums of people, who want to have pink aesthetic, gingival aesthetic can be followed by extra treatments.

A blinding smile is not a dream

Tooth whitening is one of the procedures that are often performed to create a more beautiful smile. Bleaching gels are used to whiten the teeth and minimize discolorations.

It is very important to treat dental caries before a bleaching procedure. If this requirement is ignored, the risk of tooth sensitivity increases. Teeth whitening in a dental office requires several sessions, each lasting 15 to 60 minutes in average. Bleaching gels are applied on buccal surface of teeth and a reaction is triggered by a special light. It is a quick and efficient whitening method. In-office teeth whitening that is performed by a specialist can whiten the teeth by several tones and the risk of sensitivity is substantially low.

Other Procedures Carried Out In Adult Dental Clinic of Güven Health Group

Aesthetic and prosthetic procedures

  • Orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth
  • Bridge restorations
  • Correction of diastema


Implant is an option to correct missing teeth without support of existing teeth or to use implant as a strut to construct fixed dentures for patients, who do not want removable dentures, and all implant therapies are successfully carried out in our center.

Gingival Health

  • Scaling to prevent oral, dental and gingival health
  • All treatments for gingival diseases
  • Treatments for bad breath

Surgical Procedures

  • Extraction of tooth
  • Extraction of Wisdom Tooth
  • Extraction of Impacted Tooth
  • Implant Surgery
  • Other Surgical Interventions

Endodontic Treatment

  • Filling Restoration and Root Canal Treatment
  • Radiology Studies
  • Dental Tomography
  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Small Dental X-ray

Pediatric Oral and Dental Health

Our experienced, caring, wise, kind and good humored team answers all your questions and creates solution for all your oral and dental health problems without sacrificing scientific and ethical principles in our Pediatric Dental Clinic that is located in Güven Çayyolu Healthy Life Campus.

First dental exam should be done immediately after the first milk tooth erupts

The first dental visit should be planned for the children immediately after the first milk tooth erupts. The aim of this first appointment is only a dental exam and the child should be briefly informed before the appointment. Parents should not project their fear and anxiety onto the child. Parent’s support is very important for the child to communicate well with the pedodontist in the first dental visit. The clinical settings should promote positive communication and prevent anxiety and apprehension. Dental treatment unit and hand tools found in the clinical settings may lead to anxiety and apprehension in the children. Tools and the settings should be introduced to the child to avoid such negative feelings. For example, the water spray syringe can be identified as a sprinkler and the child can be informed that it does not cause pain. Introducing the saliva ejector as elephant’s trunk or the spray as a wind is important in this first communication. As the child feels more trust to the pedodontist and the environment, examination and treatment becomes easier and more acceptable.

Teeth milk should be protected until permanent teeth erupt

The first tooth of your baby starts forming in Week 12 of the pregnancy. Baby teeth are important for nutrition, speaking and aesthetic facets. The milk teeth conserve the room they cover and guide the permanent teeth while they erupt. The first baby tooth erupts at age of 4 months to 18 months; eruption of twenty deciduous teeth is completed when the baby is 24 to 36 months old. Although baby teeth start losing their primary or deciduous teeth at age of 6 years, the primary molar teeth that play efficient role in eating are lost when the child is 12 years old. During the most active period of growth and development, primary molar teeth should be present in the mouth for healthy nutrition. All potential diseases of the primary teeth should be treated and their physiological interval of stay in the mouth should be maintained, as they are important in terms of nutrition, speaking and aesthetic look. It is necessary to keep in mind that the health of babies and children begin in mouth.

Treatments performed under anesthesia eliminate the dentist fear for the children.

After the disease of primary teeth is diagnosed, treatment options are determined. Cooperation of the child with the pedodontist throughout the treatment period is the primary determinant for the problem-based treatment option. Type of treatment influences the cooperation. If the child is not likely to cooperate and the treatment is performed under day anesthesia, success of the treatment will be positively influenced. Procedures carried out under day anesthesia are performed in a fully equipped healthcare facility, where overall health of children is assessed. Dental treatments that are performed under day anesthesia eliminates fear, apprehension and anxiety and inhibits gag reflex and thus, dental treatment protocols are carried out easily. Day anesthesia can be administered for any and all dental procedures. This enhances cooperation of the child in the dental unit.

Procedures carried out in Pediatric Dental Clinic

  • Customized examination of dental health
  • Daily oral and dental care training
  • Procedures that protect healthy growth and development of mouth and teeth
  • Supervising development and growth of mouth and teeth and the transition to permanent teeth
  • Determining risk factors that impair oral and dental health and instituting necessary preventive and therapeutic procedures
  • Reviewing the relation between nutrition and dental health
  • Practices that prevent dental healthy during sports and other activities
  • Diagnosing anomalous suckling and swallowing habits and curative or preventive procedures to protect dental health
  • Microbiological examination of saliva
  • Radiographic examination of teeth and jaw bones
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems (oral, dental and jaw disorders, malocclusions and developmental diseases)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of bruxism and malocclusions
  • Aesthetic treatment for teeth that require treatment following oral and dental injuries

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