About Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

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About Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery provides mental and emotional happiness by improving the physical appearance.


About Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment are available in all fields of plastic and aesthetic surgery in our Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Department. Since physical, psychological and philosophical differences may influence treatment preferences, personalized assessment is done for each patient. Plastic surgery is a medical discipline that covers aesthetic (cosmetic) and reconstructive surgeries. Aesthetic surgery provides mental and emotional happiness and boosts self-confidence by improving the physical appearance. Reconstructive surgery corrects congenital or acquired deformities of body in order to improve shape and function.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Services

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Mastectomy is the principal surgical treatment of breast cancer and it implies surgical removal of breast tissue. Recently, “post-mastectomy breast reconstruction (mastoplasty)” is the principal component of modern oncoplastic surgery and it aims conserving both breasts of the patient after the operation; if the breast is partially or completely removed due to cancer, the breast is reconstructed using synthetic materials, also called implant, or native tissues of the patient. In some cases, synthetic materials and muscle or musculocutaneous tissues are used in combination. Although this method was reserved for certain types of breast cancers and carefully selected patients in the past, advanced technology enabled surgeons to employ this method in almost all breast cancer cases.

Breast reconstruction surgery is planned according to type and stage of breast cancer and the extent of cancer. For example, if mastectomy offers complete cure for a patient with early stage breast cancer, breast reconstruction surgery can simultaneously be planned. Another way is followed for patients with risk of recurrence.

Body Contouring Procedures

Vaser Liposuction: Conventional liposuction method, called liposuction, is recently supplemented by novel technologies, such as suction-assisted fat removal using ultrasonic sound waves or laser. In these methods, also called vaser liposuction, the basic principle is to destruct fats using energy waves before the fat is removed. Energy source is ultrasound or in other words, vaser. The risk of lumps on skin is lower for these methods. Since energy is used for the procedure, deep layers of skin can be tightened. These energies are specific to adipose tissue; they do not harm vessels and nerves, and thus, they make quicker recovery possible.

Arm Aesthetics: Arms tend to thicken and loosen due to structural factors and aging. This may cause aesthetic problems especially if circumference of arm is disproportional to the trunk. Excess regional fats in arm are broken up with VASER Liposuction and excreted out of the body. Thus, arms can be tightened and thinned.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty: abdominoplasty intends removing excess abdominal skin and fat and tightening muscles in order to obtain a flat abdominal wall. It is also possible to get rid of cracked skin below belly button due to childbirth with this method. It can be used for both men and women. There is no season limitation.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty): This surgery aims reducing size of and reshaping the sagging breast that is characterized with deformity and excessive tissue. Enlarged breasts lead to back pain, low back pain, depressed shoulder and skin disorders secondary to inframammarian sweating.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy): Breasts are reshaped that have sagged due to gravity force and are characterized with tissue loss, resulting in young-looking breasts. Breast tissue is raised and excess skin is removed. If there is no sufficient volume of breast, the procedure can be combined with breast augmentation (breast implant).

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: Breasts can be augmented not only using silicone prosthesis but also fat injection (grafting or transfer). Moreover, two methods can be combined depending on the breast structure. Composite breast augmentation implies combination of silicone implant and fat injection.

Breast AugmentationIt is among most common cosmetic surgeries. It is the safest method for shape and volume deformities of breast, small sized breasts and asymmetry of breasts. Breast implants have been safely used for a long time all around the world.

Fat Injection: Fat tissue is a soft tissue filler that is ever increasingly used. Native fat tissue of the person is obtained. Therefore, it is cost effective and easy to practice. Moreover, no side effect or allergic reaction is experienced. After fat grafts are processed, they can be used as filler material in any body part. Intended use includes filling facial and trunkal cavities, boosting quality of skin, improving outcomes of breast aesthetic (composite breast augmentation) and revision surgery for breast reconstruction. Since fat grafts continue surviving at the recipient site, the result will be a permanent filling. Moreover, quality and thickness of skin and/or subcutaneous tissue increases at the recipient site due to stem cell content.

Facial Aesthetic Procedures

Nasal Aesthetic or Nose Job: Nose job aims making the nose appear natural and proportional to the face, while nasal functions are conserved and patient satisfaction is maximized. To make the nose proportional to the face, surgical or non-surgical interventions can be added to other facial regions, such as chin and cheekbone.

Eyelid Aesthetics: This surgery involves removal of excess skin and bulging fat tissue and the procedure can be performed for both upper and lower eyelids. The intent is to obtain rejuvenated eye contours that look non-puffy and stunning. The skin around the eye (periocular skin) will sag and fat pads will develop due to years of stress and sleep deprivation, resulting in tired and old looking eyes and impaired visual field.

Jowl Aesthetics: Problems can be faced in the jowl (submental region) due to regional fat deposition. Restoration of facial contours and sharpness of jaw margins makes seriously positive contributions to the aesthetic profile of the person. Since approximately 3-mm incisions are made, no scar formation is observed in VASER Liposuction that is the gold standard method for this condition.

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