False Facts About Lip Fillers

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False Facts About Lip Fillers

There are many false information about lip fillers.


Facial wrinkles and unwanted lines that develop secondary to age and genetic or environmental factors lead to aesthetic concerns. There are many aesthetical procedures to erase these marks that are caused by aging in a surgery and pain-free manner. The procedures that use dermal filler products are the most common ones. Dermal filler procedures are most commonly preferred for lips that are among the most eye-catching regions of the face. Associate Professor Alev Eken from Dermatology Department of Güven Hospital explains the false facts about lip fillers.

There are many false information about lip fillers.

Lips are among the body parts for which dermal fillers are commonly used. It is a very popular aesthetic novelty to boost volume and re-contour lips by injecting dermal fillers into the middle segment of upper and lower lips, also called heart of lip. Lip fillers is a dermal filler method that requires a short-lasting injection, addresses volume or shape depending on the need and may also eliminate wrinkles and lines around the mouth. This issue is curiously pursued by women, but there are many false facts that spread abroad about many issues, including but not limited to the procedure, its duration and the safety. It is rational to clarify these false facts, as they make persons who seek to have lip fillers uneasy.

False Fact 1: “Lip fillers have long-standing and irreversible effects.”

The dermal fillers that are used to boost volume and shape contours of lips cannot offer everlasting effects. These fillers are absorbed by the body over the time. They do not accumulate in the body. Lifestyle and physical structure of lips dictate how long lip fillers will last. It is necessary to repeat the procedure after this interval. Undoubtedly, the longer intervals between lip filler sessions will maximize the quality of life and make the person feel better. For example, the smooth and natural look offered by the lip fillers that are manufactured with novel VYCROSSTM technology will last 12 months, translating into comfort and satisfaction of both aestheticians and persons who seek this procedure.

False Fact 2: Lip filler injection is a dangerous and risky procedure. Side effects last long.

Dermal fillers are used to create fuller lips, enhance contours and eliminate wrinkles and lines around the mouth, but they may cause side effects, such as mild swelling, redness or bruising, depending on physiological characteristics of persons. On the other hand, the filler gel contains hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in subcutaneous tissue and it is not derived from animals and therefore, the procedure does not pose a substantial risk. Above mentioned side effects lasts only for several days and they do not lead to discomfort beyond this interval. Moreover, it is safer and more lasting than collagen fillers that may trigger allergic reactions.

False Fact 3: Fillers are only for women.

Women or men… Skin loses elasticity, when the concentration of hyaluronic acid in subcutaneous tissue decreases due to aging. This loss may cause sagging and excess elongation of lips. Although it is commonly believed that the procedure is mostly sought by women, use of dermal lip fillers to create fuller lips and enhance contours results in natural look also in men.

False Fact 4: Injection is a long-lasting procedure.

Injection is an easy and short-lasting procedure that takes only 10 to 15 minutes, if it is performed by experienced practitioners. However, you will also need time to discuss your expectations with your physician before this therapy.

False Fact 5: Effects of the procedure can be seen several weeks later.

Effect of the procedure is immediately recognized; the difference can be noticed immediately on the mirror. However, a natural look is created, if the lip filler procedure is performed in line with the facial anatomy and proportions.

False Fact 6: Injection of lip fillers is a painful procedure.

Although injections have caused very minimal pain in the past, certain special fillers, now, contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic agent, and thus, they minimize the pain and offer a comfortable experience.

False Fact 7: Lip filler injections create a very bad look like a fish mouth.

Aestheticians are used to listen to many patients who say “I don’t want an end that is similar to Leslie Ash”. Look of Leslie Ash leaves a bad impression on dermal fillers. This event has driven many people apart from the lip filler injections. Since lips of many celebrities, like Jessica Simpson and Pete Burns, look like caricatures after the procedure, they did not help to overcome the fear and anxiety about this issue. If the procedure is personalized and the experienced physician can adjust the optimal volume of filler, the outcome is very satisfactory and they do no never resemble the bad examples of the past.

False Fact 8: Lip fillers do not change contours of lips.

Lips can be contoured just as it is planned before the procedure, if correct injection techniques are used by an experienced physician. Well-contoured lips may pave the way to better aesthetic outcomes in facial expressions.

False Fact 9: You need to take a rest at home and consume liquid foods for several days after the lip filler injection.

The procedure can be performed at any time even at the lunch break and they can easily engage in activities of daily life or work thereafter. For example, lips look very natural immediately after the dermal fillers that are manufactured with novel VYCROSS technology are injected and thus, people can immediately return to their social lives.

False Fact 10: Lips look weird after lip fillers.

Nobody wants lips that look unnatural or weird. This weird look is likely if artificial fillers and implants are used. If the procedure is performed by experienced physicians and unrealistic expectations are ignored, natural looking lips can be easily created that fit the facial expression well.

False Fact 11: Effects of fillers are short-lasting.

How long effects of lip fillers last is dictated by many factors, such as age, lip structure, elasticity, features of the filler, quality and the amount injected. However, effects of hyaluronic acid-derived dermal fillers, especially the lip fillers that are manufactured with novel VYCROSSTM technology, last long, such as 1 year.

False Fact 12: When lip fillers are injected, outcomes of the aesthetic procedure are immediately noticed by others.

Diagnosis, experience of physician, close and distance evaluation of the facial map and selection of appropriate product are utmost important. Ability to get in insight of what lips really need and plan the appropriate injection requires experience and specialty. The new-generation fillers that are gel in consistency can create full lips and enhance the contours. The outcome is completely a matter of what the patient wants and what the physician applies. Aims include a beautiful, natural and refreshed look that does not give hints about the target site of the aesthetic procedure.

False Fact 13: Injection of dermal lip fillers is not a cost effective procedure.

The cost of lip filler injection may vary depending on the procedure, but the lip injections that use long-lasting (1 year) dermal fillers with reversible effects are 10 times cheaper than the dermal filler injections or fat injections that have irreversible effects.

False Fact 14: Effects of dermal fillers and botox for the corners of mouth are identical.

Fact: Dermal fillers and botox are not identical procedures. Although basic functions are same, the way to create the effect differs substantially. Fillers fill in the static wrinkles and certain lines, while Botox effaces the dynamic wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions. Botox or Botulinum toxin is a substance synthesized by a bacterium, called Clostridium botulinum. This substance relaxes the muscles by blocking the transmission of signals from nerves to muscles. Manner of treatment differs, although the result is same. Holistic approach is recommended for the treatment or in other words, combined use of Botox and fillers is recommended.

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