Organ Transplantation

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Organ Transplantation

Güven Hospital Organ Transplant Center continues to save lives every day with transplant procedures that meet requirements of highest standards. 


High-end surgical team of Güven Hospital is especially specialized in kidney and liver transplant and serves patients from all around the globe.

Why Güven Hospital Organ Transplantation Center?

We present the possibility of a new life for thousands of patients every year in Güven Hospital Organ Transplant Center. Güven Hospital Organ Transplant Center, which combines quality, perfection, best organ transplant physicians and care, is proud of being the pioneering organization in organ transplantation.

Güven Hospital reached the New Organ Transplant Record in 2019.

We, Güven Hospital, performed more than 100 transplant surgeries with success rate of 99.4% in 2019. We continue to develop innovative techniques to shorten the recovery for both recipients and donors in all transplantations.

Our first goal is to provide best clinic service and care for our patients through teamwork.

Liver Transplant Specialty for Liver Diseases

Liver transplant physicians and surgeons of Güven Hospital are using the most recent techniques and technologies that are proven to successfully treat people with hepatic failure and various liver diseases.

Surgeons of Güven Hospital provide international patients with healthcare services and carry out more than 50 transplants annually, including patients with very difficult health conditions who need specialized solutions and surgery.

Liver Transplant Care

Our care team cooperates with you in every step ranging from preoperative tests to recovery.


The hospital has one of the most extended liver transplant programs in Turkey. It is renowned both internationally and locally for comprehensive treatments that are available for patients with severe liver disorder.

This experience and high care quality leads to above-average survival rates for transplant patients.


Physicians, nurses, support teams, dietitians and other healthcare personnel take care of you before, during and after the transplant surgery. They provide quality care by focusing on the needs of you and your family.

These specialists cooperate with a multidisciplinary team of radiology, pathology, infection management and other medical departments.

Advanced Technology

Güven Hospital liver transplant team treats patients using all innovations and technologies in accordance with the most recent developments.

Innovative Research

Physicians of Güven Hospital make great contributions to the literature by investigating various things that affect how to limit rejection of the donor organ by immunity system following liver transplant, how to use which treatments to improve results and patient experiences.

Service Fields

  • Multi-organ transplants such as liver-kidney transplant
  • Living donor liver transplant
  • Transplantation for Hepatitis C-positive
  • Special treatment for obese patients who are in need of liver transplant.
  • Development of new strategies for preventing rejection of the donor organ/tissue by immune system.

Renal transplant is the surgical procedure of removing one of healthy kidneys from a living donor and transferring the donor kidney to a patient with improperly functioning kidneys.

Each of the kidneys that reside in either sides of the spine is similar to a fast in size. Their main function is to filter waste, minerals and fluids in the blood.

When your kidneys lose this filtering ability, harmful fluid and waste accumulate in your blood, paving the way for various diseases and kidney failure.

Common factors that trigger kidney diseases are as follows:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Chronic, uncontrolled hypertension
  • Inflammation in small filters (glomeruli) of your kidney
  • Polycystic kidney disease

People with end-stage kidney disease require to filter the waste in blood circulation with a machine (dialysis) or kidney transplant in order to survive.

Güven Hospital works with a large team to gain positive outcomes from your kidney transplant. Having this specialized team focus on you allows choosing the most appropriate treatment among various treatment options and methods.

Kidney transplant is the best treatment modality in comparison to life-long dialysis. It assists increasing quality of your life, helping you feel better and achieving a longer life span.

Benefits of kidney transplant in comparison to dialysis:

  • Better quality of life
  • Lower risk of death
  • Less dietary restrictions
  • Lower treatment cost

Conditions that may prevent you from being eligible for kidney transplant are listed below:

  • Advanced age
  • Severe heart disorder
  • Active or recently treated cancer
  • Dementia or mental disorders
  • Alcohol or illicit substance use
  • Other factors which may prevent you from using medications that are prescribed to prevent organ rejection after the transplant.

Surgeons have been performing kidney transplant in Güven Hospital for more than 50 years.

Choosing a Transplant Center

We advise you pay attention to some critical points while choosing a transplant center, if your physician recommends kidney transplant:

Get information about number and type of transplant surgeries carried out per year and survival rates of the center.

Moreover, it is wise to learn following factors for better choosing process:

Costs that may incur before, during and after the transplant. (tests, surgery, hospitalization, translation and care services)

International association memberships of the center.


Your eligibility regarding kidney transplant will be evaluated after you choose a transplant center.

Following factors are taken into consideration in the eligibility evaluation:

  • Are you healthy enough to undergo surgery and can you tolerate medicines that will be prescribed after transplant?
  • Do you have a medical condition which may prevent success of the transplant?
  • Are you willing to use medications as instructed and follow recommendations of the transplant team

Evaluation process may take several days and it may include:

  • A comprehensive physical examination.
  • Radiology studies such as MRI or CT scans
  • Blood tests
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Other necessary tests that are determined by your physician.

Before the procedure

Finding a donor

In Turkey, ethical rules mandate that your kidney donor should know you and be willing to donate one of his/her kidneys. Transplant team will pay attention to a few factors while discussing if the kidney is appropriate for you after the patient is deemed eligible.

Blood compatibility

A kidney donor with blood type identical to your blood type is preferred.

Tissue compatibility

If your blood type is compatible, the next stage is a tissue compatibility test, called human leukocyte anti-gen (HLA). This test compares genetic markers which increase the possibility of well functioning of the donor kidney in your body. A good match means low risk of rejection of the donor organ by your body.


The third and last compatibility test involves comparing a small sample of your blood with the blood of the donor in laboratory. This test determines if the anti-bodies in your body will react to specific antigens in donor’s blood.

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