Aesthetic Dentistry Applications

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Aesthetic Dentistry Applications


All ceramic crowns for beautiful smile

The ceramic coating method which is frequently used to achieve a healthy and aesthetic appearance for the teeth, is a long term and reliable application that promises a natural look. This procedure requires the presence of native teeth. Teeth are circumferentially shaved and prepped and the crown is applied on the tooth.

This is a method that can be used for discolorations in teeth that occur with the advancing age, teeth with root canal treatment where whitening does not work, teeth with congenital tissue deficit or deformation, teeth with deformation and pattern problems and when smile re-designing becomes necessary. It can be performed by expert physicians in fully equipped facilities for all individuals who desire to achieve a natural and healthy teeth appearance.

Both natural and aesthetic smile with ceramic laminate veneers

Ceramic lamina applications are performed by slightly eroding labial surface of teeth and applying the thin porcelain layer to the eroded surface. Aesthetic results achieved with the ceramic lamina, which has an appearance very similar to natural teeth, are perfect. As the requirement of eroding tooth surface is minimal, healthy tooth tissues are mostly preserved. This treatment method can be completed within approximately one week. The patients can resume their work and social lives normally with temporary laminate veneers during this period.

This is one of the most accurate and safe procedures which can be applied for nearly everyone when desired results cannot be achieved with whitening, in the event of spotted, broken, eroded, separated and serried-crooked teeth, for those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth and when an aesthetic smile is required.

It can last for long years without any problems when oral hygiene paid attention to and excessively hard foods are not consumed. Dentistry control visits with six month or, at latest, annual intervals should not be neglected. Ceramic laminate veneer application should be performed by physicians experienced in their field and in fully equipped facilities.

Most efficient solution for abnormally prominent gums while smiling Pink aesthetic

The key elements of a beautiful smile are healthy teeth along with gingivae compatible with these teeth. Gingivae with light ping coloring which appear tightly adherent to the teeth and shiny are healthy. Gingivae that appear visible when smiling or retracted are factors that impair aesthetics of smile. Highly successful results are obtained with gingival aesthetic procedures called pink aesthetic which are performed to treat undesired gingival appearances.

The excessive gingivae are removed, gingival contours are corrected and an aesthetic appearance is obtained for the gingiva during the procedure. This method does not cause delays in work or social life of the individuals as it is a painless and bloodless procedure. The individuals who desire pink aesthetic might require additional treatments after the gingival aesthetic procedure if they have gingival problems.

A bright smile is not a dream

One of the most frequently used procedures to achieve a better smile is whitening. Whitening teeth and decreasing discolorations by using whitening gels are targeted during the procedure.

Treatment of carries, if there are any, before starting whitening is very important. When neglected, the risk of tooth sensitivity increases. Tooth whitening procedure is performed in several sessions which continue for approximately 15-60 minutes in clinical environment. The whitening gels that are applied to the external surface to the teeth show reaction with a special light. This is a swift and effective whitening method. When the teeth whitening is performed by a physician experienced in the field in a clinic, teeth may be whitened by several tones and risk of tenderness decreases significantly.

Other Procedures Carried Out In Adult Dental Clinic of Güven Health Group

Aesthetic and prosthetic procedures

  • Orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth.
  • Bridge restorations
  • Correction of gaps between two teeth


All implant procedures for patients who require correction of missing teeth without the support of existing teeth or patients who do not want to use removable dentures are carried out successfully.

Gingival Health

  • Scaling to preserve oral, dental and gingival health.
  • All treatments for gingival diseases
  • Treatments for halitosis (bad breath)

Surgical Procedures

  • Tooth Extraction
  • Extraction of Wisdom Teeth
  • Extraction of Impacted Tooth
  • Implant Surgery
  • Other Surgical Interventions

Endodontic Treatment

  • Filling Restoration And Root Canal Treatment

Radiologic Methods

  • Dental Tomography
  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Small Dental X-ray

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